NBA Live Mobile Guide

Features That Make NBA Live Mobile Game Even More Attractive

There are several useful features other than nba live mobile hack which make the game playing even better. There are a number of live events included in the game which are a very good source to earn lots of cash and coins which are necessary to build a strong team. One very useful feature in the game is that it allowed me to include all my collectibles and put them in the auction house all at once and not one item at a time. There are also newer and better plays that came in my way as I leveled up with the game. I could also sub my players on the bench during any quarter just like a real NBA game.

Apart from the above there were more contents in the NBA Live Mobile game in the form of players, packs and set of collectibles. I could also transfer coins into cash and cash into coins at my will and reduce the cost of the hoop pack as well. In this hoop pack I could put my daily Grind set rewards back and also could enforce something in the game as far as the D league is concerned. There are no resets and there are more live events per day and I made the Legend Collectible live event a random collectible not limited to the jersey. The game allowed me to put the collectible in to the set right away and have more item space.


I often beat my high score or a half court challenge for coins with mini challenges especially 3 point contest. I was also helped with the pack bundles which I could buy with coins and collect all my sold items at once. The most attractive and useful feature of NBA Live Mobile game is the ability to hire a coach and change him as well whenever I felt like. It gave my team better training and learnt specific style of offense or defense. Composition of the team could be altered as and when I wanted by considering the overall stats. I also had the opportunity to go for powerhouse players to build a strong team.

Playing through a whole season every time gave me some coins and a small amount in XP as well for each and every quarter of the season I completed. When I used one of the required lineups of the game, I also got a season’s reward point as bonus. Another very handy feature of NBA Live Mobile game is the Auto Play option which is a button just next to the scoreboard. It helped me a lot in controlling my players and grinding throughout the season providing me with enough wins.

Apart from these the live events provided me with enough resources which are quick and easy to complete. Similar are the achievements which are easy ways to make money and card packs. I used the sets of cards to exchange it for better cards, used them in auctions to get better players.  There are also some buttons in NBA Live Mobile game like Pump fake, Fade Away, Spin, Steal and Hesitation which helped me in my shooting.

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